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My name is Kevin Kadooka, and I'm currently a Ph.D student at the University of Washington. This website is devoted to some of my previous and current projects. Enjoy!

Recently Featured On:

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  • Popular Photography: "The Lux is an Open Source, Arduino-Controlled, Medium Format Camera: With a bit of know how, just build your own"
  • A little more about me:

    I grew up in Hilo, Hawaii, where I was introduced to photography by my father. My first cameras were a Minolta SRT-201, and an Olympus OM-2, which really set the whole camera addiction thing in motion. You can blame him for the birth of this ugly and hard-to-use website. I apologize, but at the same time I'm quite proud of it. Anyway. I spent four years in Portland, Oregon at University of Portland, where I received my BS in Mechanical Engineering in 2009. At around the same time, I launched a Kickstarter project for one of the favorite cameras I built to date, the twin-lens-reflex Duo. It was a decent success and encouraged me to continue building cameras for fun (but no longer profit). Now, I build (and try to distribute by open source) cameras for fun, while I attend University of Washington in Seattle. I'm currently working on my Ph. D., and the Master's will come along soon (I hope).