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Other Projects

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Vehicle Motion Energy Harvester (VMEH)

This was my senior capstone project at University of Portland. This was the best team I ever had the pleasure of working with. We dubbed ourselves the "Hi-5" for obvious reasons, consisting of Kainoa Gaddis, David Ogata, Warren Ching, Sean Fujiyoshi (of Nigahiga Youtube fame) and myself. We designed, fabricated, tested, and marketed a speed bump to harvest energy by slowing down cars in a parking lot. The device itself converted the linear kinetic energy from passing cars into rotational energy with mechanical linkages, finally converted to electrical energy via a flywheel and generator. In the end, we had a highly robust device which produced a peak power of 30W and 15W-s of energy per vehicle (at half scale). It took us about a year to design and execute our plan. As a stipulation of our funding, we had to participate in UP's 100k Business Plan Challenge. Despite having absolutely no knowledge of business and having googled all of the requisite terminology the week before the competition, we reached the final round in the for-profit category, beating out many business students. Though we were given the option to receive funding for our project, we declined, as we all decided to go our own ways. And we ran it over with a truck. Several times.

Kitty-feed-o-tron 9000

Artificial Muscle Research