All withdrawal requests at Mansion Casino in the United Kingdom will be fulfilled within three business days.

We conducted five separate experiments, and the results were consistent: a 34-hour withdrawal period.

However, no payment was processed the same day it was requested, and no withdrawal was processed in less than 24 hours.

Even while VIP members may get their money in as little as two business days, the average person will have to wait up to three. Larger withdrawals may take up to 5 business days to process.

Our testing showed that Mansion Casino was still rather quick despite the fact that withdrawals took longer than 24 hours to process.

Withdrawing Money from Mansion Casino

When compared to the setup at other rival casinos, withdrawing money from Mansion Casino is rather quick. To order a burger, you need to select it from the top left menu bar, which is accessible from any location:

The ‘Cashier’ tab should be selected.

Choose “Withdraw”

Put in the withdrawal amount you’d want to make

The ‘Withdraw’ button may be accessed by clicking the corresponding link.

Mansion Casino has terminated their support for customers based in the UK. We recommend that you switch to a faster casino, such as Rizk.

How long does it take to make a withdrawal from Mansion Casino?

If you want to cash out at Mansion Casino, you can expect to wait a little while.

The longest withdrawal request that was verified to date was 49 hours, so there’s no need to panic if you need your money quickly.

Two of the withdrawals we’ve recorded so far took exactly 28 hours, which isn’t exactly fast but is about par for the course for a lengthy withdrawal.

One of our testers actually withdrew money over the weekend, asking for it on Sunday afternoon and getting it sometime between Monday night and Tuesday morning. However, this withdrawal only required 34 hours to process, which was much less than the weekday withdrawal’s 49-hour wait period.

Withdrawal from Mansion Casino

We have no complaints about the cash out process at Mansion Casino, other from the fact that it takes longer than many of its rivals. You can find a list of casinos that provide instant withdrawals by clicking the link above, but if you can wait a little longer, you won’t have any trouble here.

Payments were paid promptly, and the whole procedure was easy to understand and follow. In other words, you get exactly what you see.

How to Withdraw Money from Mansion Casino

There is a wide variety of withdrawal methods available at Mansion Casino, however in order to keep things simple for our review, we only requested our independent testers to utilize debit cards or PayPal.


Natster9, one of our test subjects, had to wait 34 hours for his PayPal payout. We conclude that PayPal at this casino offers no benefits or drawbacks in terms of withdrawal time because this was quite near to the fastest withdrawal times and right on the money with the average withdrawal time.


Withdrawals done using debit cards by impartial UK testers took the least and most time respectively. Mansion Casino debit card withdrawal times averaged 33 hours, which was somewhat lower than the average withdrawal time overall.

Issues with Withdrawal from Mansion Casino

Even though three out of five of our test participants were asked to provide KYC documentation, they did not experience any withdrawal mechanisms at Mansion Casino. The procedure was as expected and did not let anyone down.

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