An Overview of Secret of the Stones MAX (NetEnt)

As of this writing, the new Witcher episode has more viewers than any other Netflix original series. The mystery, wonder, and magic have captivated viewers of the show. NetEnt’s Secrets of the Stones MAX is a similarly themed slot machine. Like Witcher, it takes place in a fantastical universe where magic is commonplace and bearded men with staffs hold the keys to unlocking hidden knowledge. It is also a re-release of the hugely successful original Secret of the Stones slot that NetEnt introduced in 2013. It has been given the MAX treatment, which significantly amps up the risk and potential payoffs, much like the Victorious remake. Where Witcher is all about slaying monsters, Secrets of the Stones MAX concentrates on the gentle realm of the Celtic druids. The druids may have been peaceful, but the MAX version of Secret of the Stones is anything but. It’s time to grab a wooden stick and head out into the wilderness.

The visual style of Secret of the Stones MAX is largely unchanged from the 1996 version. Although the graphics aren’t particularly impressive, they are crisp and have that traditional NetEnt look and feel. There are 5 reels and 3 rows, and the whole thing is set up in a mystical rock cavern. The game’s vintage vibe comes from the 25 paylines, which are shown on two columns on either side of the reels. Although the number of paylines is set, players can adjust the size of their wagers from one to ten and the value of their coins from zero to five. This raises the maximum stake per spin from $/€75 to $255.

The decision between Classic and MAX mode is arguably more consequential than the stake level itself. Don’t worry, you can always change your mind and choose a new selection. Classic is the ‘softer’ alternative with a low/medium variance and a lower potential. MAX is for those who prefer it harsh when they gamble. In this context, the mathematical model’s volatility and potential are amplified by a factor of 10. There are differences in the free spins round too which we shall come to. Return to player percentages are satisfactory, sitting at 96.72% in Classic mode and 96.81% in MAX.

The 10 through A royals are the first symbols on the paytable, and they are shown as stone carvings with elaborate squiggly designs. Five Celtic animals—a serpent, wolf, bull, owl, and a deer—form the premium symbols. The red deer is the top paying animal, returning 160 times the original wager in MAX and 50 times the wager in Classic. In addition, five distinct wilds appear at various points. Only one druid, on a 1×1 tile, is available in the beginning game. He is a wild card and can replace standard icons. During the bonus game, you’ll encounter more wilds.

The Truth Behind the Stones Details on MAX (NetEnt)

When comparing the features of MAX and Classic, there is a clear distinction. The scatter is the Yggdrasil emblem, the tree of life, and it can appear anywhere. If three or more appear in view, the bonus game and 10 free spins will begin. Before free spins begin, the screen is covered with 20 stones. The player has between three and five options available, depending on the number of scatters that first activated the bonus round. What each stone conceals

Two, three, four, five, six, or ten more turns at no cost.

MAX emblems like as deer, bulls, and owls went berserk. It’s either a deer or an owl in the Classical language.

Increases the x1 multiplier by +1, +2, or +3 in MAX. +1 or +2 Classical Bonus.

In MAX, reels 2, 3, and/or 4 can become wild at any time. Simply Classic Reels 2 and/or 4.

After using up a player’s allotted number of free spins, they will be taken back to the main menu.

Results from NetEnt’s Secret of the Stones MAX Slot Game

Secret of the Stones MAX is a must-play for every fan of the original game. High-risk, high-reward slot players will also enjoy this game. If the icons aren’t aligning with your bet, you’re in for a long session of gambling. As a result, there will be a lot of dull spins as you wait for the scatter to appear.

We can clearly see that developers average data over many iterations, even billions, now. Classic mode may have been slightly more forgiving than MAX, but it didn’t seem that way. Of course, every gambler has their own preferred method. When it comes to spending, we always choose MAX. Despite its legendary history, the Classic edition seems archaic due to its relatively modest payouts and uninspiring volatility.

The MAX idea is the driving force that ensures Secret of the Stones will not go out of style. When the bonus feature triggers in MAX mode, you’ll enjoy the extra perks and the significantly higher symbol values. The biggest evident change is in win potential. Classic mode is capable of hitting 2,500 times the bet, while its more volatile sibling can go as high as 25,000 times the stake. That’s a big contrast and the deciding factor when picking your favorite transport system.

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