Story of Kyubiko Slot Machine Analysis

You may want to turn away now if you’re searching for the largest, baddest, meanest, most complicated slot machine in town. Play’n GO’s Tale of Kyubiko, a video game aimed toward rugged riders, lacks all of these features. However, if you’re the type of gamer who enjoys being immersed in a well-presented cultural experience, Tale of Kyubiko might be the perfect role for you.

Even if the narrative of a naughty ghost named Inari who appears to late-night travelers and leads them to her lair is fictional, there is a certain charm to Tale of Kyubiko. She accomplishes this by disguising herself as a human or a fox, thanks to her shapeshifting abilities. Neither the shape she takes nor what happens to those who are lured to her lair are revealed in the story. Inari’s abilities as a full reel wild are put to excellent use in the slot game, so don’t worry about that.

Kyubiko, upon further inspection, may be a portmanteau of the Japanese words for “nine-tailed fox” (kyubi) and “child” (ko). The interpretation is, however, somewhat speculative. Perhaps it has something to do with Kuebiko, the Shinto scarecrow-like deity of agriculture, knowledge, and wisdom? Unlikely, so let’s keep on.

Tale of Kyubiko is a visually striking game, despite what a single snapshot would lead you to believe. Play’n GO has designed a visually appealing Asian theme, complete with pagodas, mountains, and cherry blossoms on the main menu and a variety of attractively animated symbols around the grid. The soundtrack fits the topic perfectly, and overall the game has an anime vibe rather than a more classic one.

A win is awarded when three identical symbols appear anywhere on the reels during gameplay. Tale of Kyubiko is essentially a fruit machine at its heart and, powered by a moderately volatile math model, has been given a rating of 5 out of 10 by Play’n GO. The RTP, as usual, fluctuates according on market conditions, ranging from a default of 96.29% to a low of 84.29%. The action, which ranges in stakes from 10 pence to £/€100, may be seen on any device.

Seven normal paying tiles and two wild symbols are all that’s needed in Tale of Kyubiko to keep things simple. The first four pay off between 0.1 and 0.4 times the wager, and the next three are animal characters that pay out between 2 and 8 times the wager. The mask wild symbol, when used alone to complete a winning combination, pays out 10 times the wager. Wilds can stand in for any other symbol, even those that award prizes, throughout the game.

The Slot Features of the Story of Kyubiko

Even the most basic three-reel slot machines can have hidden bonuses and extra features. Tale of Kyubiko, on the other hand, is not like previous games; the excitement in this one comes mostly from a stacked walking wild that, as it advances across the grid, is aided by a progressive multiplier.

The Luck of Inari

The stacked wild, Inari, can appear in any region of the field. When Inari lands partially in view, it may be pushed to fill the entire reel if doing so will result in a winning combination.

Dance of the Inari

A free re-spin is awarded if the Inari stacked wild contributes to a winning combination. Inari changes positions within the reel every time she gets a respin. The transformation from fox to human form that Inari’s shapeshifting image on the wild depicts is quite remarkable. The win multiplier also goes up by one whenever the wild stack is repositioned. To the left of the reels, you’ll see a series of multiplier levels ranging from 2x to 25x. The multiplier is reset after the respin round is over.

Slot Judgment in the Story of Kyubiko

Tale of Kyubiko is an easy game that doesn’t require much time or effort to master. This slot machine was designed more for visual and auditory pleasure than for serious gamblers. By alone, the statement should distinguish individuals who are interested in learning about Inari’s mysteries from those who couldn’t care less. Fans of the genre will come across a visually appealing title, which at times seems more of a sumptuous anime film than a slot machine.

Due of the rarity of triumphs when using Inari, such instances will be fleeting and infrequent. Neither are triumphs on a regular basis. Inari’s dancing around the reels once he’s formed a winning combination thanks to the respin option is entertaining. Naturally, the tension increases as the multiplier goes higher. If she dances all the way to the x25, it will contribute to the game’s maximum potential, which is 2,250x the bet. This isn’t a whole lot, but it’s reasonable given the resources at Tale of Kyubiko’s disposal.

Due of its simplistic nature, Tale of Kyubiko might become tedious after a while. After being impressed by the slickness of the home screen and the rest of the interface, restlessness set in. The appearance of Inari’s Dance helped keep things moving, although unless you were truly into the notion, boredom may have set in at some points. All disagreements were resolved amicably, and the game’s novel visual style, engaging subject matter, and excellent production values should be enough to pique gamers’ attention.

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