xDesign enters into new collaboration with FanDuel FanDuel is one of the major gambling platforms in North America.

xDesign, a leader in the mobile gambling software industry, has entered into a partnership with FanDuel that will last for many years.

The two companies will each spend around $400,000 Canadian towards the expansion of the other’s real money casino activities as a result of the cooperation. This will result in the creation of 400 new employment between the two companies. The agreement, which expands on a business collaboration that has already been in place for the past 18 months, aims to foster up-and-coming talent and provide high-quality job opportunities.


The total number of staff members employed by the developer will increase to 120 with the addition of forty new employees at xDesign, all of whom will collaborate on FanDuel’s account. The new deal will reinforce xDesign’s expansion plans, and the company will hire an additional 150 individuals in order to bring the total number of personnel in its consultant division up to 350 by the end of 2022.


According to xDesign’s projections, the number of employees at the company will more than double to more than 500 by the year 2024.


FanDuel, on the other hand, is planning to hire an extra two hundred and fifty software engineers to work on its gaming platform. These engineers will have the choice of working from locations in either the United States or Scotland.


“We have been continually impressed with xDesign throughout our relationship to date,” stated Andy Giancamilli, the Chief Operating Officer of FanDuel. Because of “its people-first approach,” “its technical pedigree,” and “its superb track record of delivery to rapidly scaling companies,” FanDuel has a connection that other companies in the field aspire to have.


FanDuel is by far the most dominating participant in the sports betting business in the United States. In terms of income produced, FanDuel holds more than a 35 percent market share, making it the most successful company in this sector. FanDuel was at first created in the city of Edinburgh; however, the company’s headquarters are currently situated in the city of New York.


“Extending our relationship with an organization as successful as FanDuel will significantly contribute to identifying and cultivating the next generation of talent in the UK,” noted xDesign CEO Euan Andrews. “This is something that both companies are fanatical about.” “It is absolutely necessary to invest in people and build a platform for future tech talent if we are going to address the ever-widening skills gap in technology.”

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